Teaching and teacher

Learning french as you like is an exciting alternative to the traditional classroom methods.


Albine teaches the French language with a method carefully designed to prepare you for real communication with French conversation. Language is interactive, hence your lessons focus on language in context, with an emphasis on the social and cultural dimensions of the French language.


Grammar and structural language rules get their due, of course, but not in isolation. Over the course of your lessons with Albine, you will master the language through the everyday challenges you'll encounter in your daily life: introducing yourself or a friend, giving advice, making a complaint, etc.


Tailored to your needs

Your specific language needs always take priority, and every lesson is custom-tailored to your abilities, motivations, and interests.

Effective French training needs materials taken from daily French culture

Some of the tools you will use to learn authentic French:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Film, video and television clips
  • Radio programs
  • Advertisements

Learn the French language by speaking it.

Albine's French courses are an immersive experience in which only French is spoken. Never fear, beginners: you'll find the environment supportive and encouraging. 

It's easy to enroll, fun to join and the most amazing and efficient French learning experience that you have tried.

Working with children.

Your teacher has developped a special technique to use with children. She uses games, puppets, role plays and specialized material in order for them to enjoy their French lessons. They will have a great time learning with her, and have fun in the process. She also offers board games in order to broaden cultural awareness.

Learning in small group(from 2 to 6 persons).

Your teacher offers practical dialogues so that you can learn to get by in everyday life quickly and easily.

Learning in groups of people of the same level will become a moment of pleasure because you will help each other and you will maintain a good learning environment and create a true cultural exchange.


Formation Professionnelle (professional training)

If you are self-employed, an employee or a director of a company registered in France, you contribute automatically to a training fund.

Do your french language skills need to be improved?

Do you know about your rights to professional training (including language tuition)of which you could benefit?

For further information, please contact your teacher.

The teacher

Your teacher, Albine Ibars has a university qualification to teach French as a foreign Language (DAEFLE : diplôme d’Aptitude à l’Enseignement du Français Langue Etrangère, diploma of the Alliance Française). Her experience working with students from all over the world has given her a knowledge of the problems people face when learning French and of the techniques to resolve these problems.

Her background in business and logistics (after graduating from an international business school with six years experience in commodities shipping) and her experience living abroad for 8 years (Hong-Kong, London, Sâo Paulo, Brazil) make her courses both intellectually stimulating and entertaining. The key of the success to master a language is curiosity!